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Chaowei Amperex Technology co., ltd.

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Chaowei Amperex Technology co., ltd.

Chaowei Amperex Technology co., ltd. is a group enterprise that integrates research、design、manufacturing, sales and service of electric vehicle , owned Taizhou Chaowei, Tianjin Chaowei, Xuzhou Chaowei three major production bases, Among them, Taizhou Chaowei controls: Taizhou Xinzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., Taizhou Mingyi Metal Co., Ltd. Taizhou Xiangyuan Metal Deep processing Co., Ltd. 

The main three major production bases of Chaowei Electric vehicle's occupies about 220 thousand square meters,we currently have 500 staff, among which 50 persons Sales team and 60 persons are technical research and development and quality assurance. The three major production bases have 10 advanced production lines, among which Taizhou Chaowei has 3 lines ,Xuzhou Chaowei has 2 lines and Tianjin Chaowei has 3 lines. The three major production bases have the production capacity of 1 million electric vehicles . Each base has the current domestic leading electric vehicle reliability test and inspection line with large number of electric vehicle industry professionals teams, for chaowei "big brand, real power" brand promotion laid a good foundation.



Company has established a standardized quality assurance system and process in strict accordance with the standard requirements of ISO:9001--2000.


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